RTMX022: Street Feet // Hallucination Realized

by Rat Mix Records

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Two Upstate Grind pals unite for a display of excessive force.

Street Feet is:
Creased Rog - Guitar/Vocals
Paul Bones - Drums/Vocals

Recorded March 30th and 31st in Rochester, NY.
Tracked by Connor and Tyler from Hallucination Realized.
Mastered by Tyler.
Huge thanks to HR for being genuine friends.
Written and Recorded by Paul.
Released April 17th, 2017

Hallucination Realized is:
Tyler: Guitars
Tim: Drums
Conner: Vocals

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Tyler.
Thanks to Paul and Roger.
Released April 15th, 2017


released June 28, 2017



all rights reserved


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Rat Mix Records is a local DIY cassette label based out of Binghamton, NY. Our main objective is to assist musicians with an easy release process. Providing artists with minimal financial burden, in regards to getting physical copies in limited runs. Something that can majorly influence a bands decision on how to release their art. We also book here in Binghamton, feel free to hit us up!. ... more

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Track Name: Street Feet - Death to the Peace
Written through the eyes of the barbaric. The self righteous. The ones that cannot see the negative impact the US has on the world. Better yet, the ones that can see it, have the power to change or influence it, and still willingly choose to look away. The world is watching its self proclaimed leader show their true intentions by stockpiling the largest military known to history. All in the means of self preservation. There is nothing 'united' about our actions, past, present, or future. We are doomed to failure and I cannot wait to watch America burn.
Destined, To Absolute Fear.
We Are, We Go, We Kill, We Own.
No Rock, Goes Unturned.
Destroyer Of Culture
A Mockery To It's Own Name.
Kill, Them All.
Consume Every Resource
To Preserve Ourselves.
Track Name: Street Feet - Life's Blood Will Bleed
Self Governing, Is A Human Right.
Autonomy Is Black And White.
Stop, Defend, Our Ability To Speak.
Our Body, Our Soil, Our Water, Our Voice.
Change Starts At Home, There Is No Other Choice.
Track Name: Street Feet - Spit On Virtue
Unrivaled Military Force, 20 Trillion In Debt As The Source.
Keyboard Warriors, Tap, Click; Deciding who lives as they see fit.
Completely Removed, Thousands Of Miles Away.
Their Hands Are Clean, And The Children No Longer Play.
Fuck A Drone, Blast It From The Sky
Pick It Up, And Wave Goodbye.
If There Are No Rules In War, Just Wait Till It Comes To Out Shore.
Track Name: Street Feet - A God Beyond Death
Pursuing A Failed Infrastructure, Doesn't Lead To Growth.
It's A Diversion Of Attention, From What We Need The Most.
Time, Energy, Resources, Waisted On Outdated Science.
It's Ok To Admit Your Wrong, And Switch To Self Reliance.
Oil Dependency Is A Mental Illness, We Owe The World Our Forgivenesses.
The Sun And The Wind Are A Good Start,
It's Time We Work With Nature, Instead of Tearing It Apart.
Track Name: Street Feet - The Elite Are Immortal
The Oppressed Are Rarely Given The Chance,
It's Not Written In History For Them To Advance.
A Life Driven By Greed, While Others Can Barely Feed.
Your Existence Is Null And Void, Because A Very Few Need More Toys.
How Is This Right, When 1% Of The World Control The Fight?
A Lost Battle Before Birth, No Wonder We Have No Self Worth.