RTMX001: Hate Face - Demo

by Hate Face

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released October 11, 2015


written/recorded by Hate Face 2015
originally released on Last House
re-released on Rat Mix Feb 13th 2016



all rights reserved


Rat Mix Records Binghamton, New York

Rat Mix Records is a local DIY cassette label based out of Binghamton, NY. Our main objective is to assist musicians with an easy release process. Providing artists with minimal financial burden, in regards to getting physical copies in limited runs. Something that can majorly influence a bands decision on how to release their art. We also book here in Binghamton, feel free to hit us up!. ... more

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Track Name: Rubble
if it all comes down
walk through your town drinking rubble
somehow manage to stay warm
we might get the chance to leave
this ship has no sail
in this situation who would you eat first
Track Name: Impulse to Breed
line up to the trough
youre a pig in shit
hoping to get fucked
waiting to have kids
face down in the mud
getting pregnant for your god
reproduction of disgust
thrive on cum til you rot
impulse to breed
Track Name: The Worst in Everyone
i see the worst in everyone
all flaws magnified
my desire intensifies
sobriety petrified
the queen of this hive
stays up getting high
people like you make me bleed
people like you make me breed
people like you the ones i fuck
please cut my dick off
i hate you
i hate myself
Track Name: Inaudible Anguish
all i see are my ambitions anymore
too far ahead body writhing on the floor
inaudible anguish
systematic suffering
monotony gaze back from the mirror
life you had vision becomes clear
every choice i make a decision based on fear
reassess things that you hold dear
everyday i do my best
even days i taste flesh
im never satisfied
Track Name: TARA
sweating pale faced in the hall
i've found failure in us all
we are struggling to get by
when he leave here we'll get high
we're all fucked
tara is a whore
jasons getting fucked
sent here by the court
i love my counselor
i dont think she loves me
is she into junkies
i wonder if shed fuck me(fuck me fuck me fuck me)
Track Name: Im No Fun
never been known for progressive mental state
i sit alone think about thinks i hate
violent scenarios in my head im obsessed
scowl on my face as you taste my fist
when i was in high school i threw a kid down the stairs
i broke my arm he screamed through his tears
i said im sorry and it was an accident
that doesnt mean i didnt enjoy it